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People Tracing

Using basic information, our tracing team are able to search our internal databases as well as other resources, to efficiently and accurately provide a person’s current details.

We can quickly locate relatives, missing persons, lost friends and beneficiaries fluently and effectively throughout the UK.

With a Full Name, D.O.B, and a last known address we can establish an individuals whereabouts very quickly.

If necessary we can work with less information.

We pride ourselves in providing a prompt and effective service for all our clients and aim to complete our tracing within 14 days.

An express service can be arranged with results in just a few hours if preferred.

Our agents here at p1-locate will keep you updated and informed of any advances during the trace.

In some cases additional time is required for a more comprehensive and thorough search in situations where only minimal information has been provided.

If we are unable to locate the desired individual, we operate on a ‘no find, no fee’ policy and will issue a full refund.

We will supply you with any details and revelations that will aid you with additional trace attempts or investigations you may wish to take in the future.

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